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Personalize your headstone

From specific statues to color photos, there are many options for personalizing your gravestone. Don't settle for a plain stone or monument with so many options that allow you to express your personality or that of your loved one. The sky is the limit and you can create exactly the design you want.

You have an incredible selection when you work with Sausser Monument & Memorial Company, including stone etchings that are done on black granite headstones, etchings in black or white, sculptures of angels, Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and other figures, and all in a wide variety of sizes.

A few of your options in sculptured monuments

Work directly with our in-house artist to discuss your options in stone etchings. You get design approval throughout the etching process to ensure we're on the right track, and the statues are a part of your finished stone.

You have total control over the finished product

Personalized headstones allow personality to shine through. You get total control over the entire process.

Call now and ask about our in-home consultations and transportation options.


Sculptured monument Heart shaped sculptured monument Sculptured monument with a cross